2006 Country Music Hall Of Fame Inductee

Sonny James

The Southern Gentlemen

In the early 1960′s Sonny developed a rich vocal sound which was accented by the harmony & vocal style of his “Southern Gentlemen”. As a part of both his recordings & national touring appearances, the subsequent music, which received legendary sales and radio play from this collaboration, is a direct result of the efforts of each of the following talents.

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Dude Kahn
Harland Powell & Gene Stewart
This close-knit group was like family. They respected each other’s talents and their voices blended perfectly with James’s. Stars in their own right, they relinquished some of the spotlight to showcase Sonny at his best. Many miles of enjoyment between these five. Milo Liggett – Lin Bown – Sonny – Duane West – Gary Robble.
Early 60′s
Lin Bown & Gary Robble
1960′s – Early ’70s
Milo Liggett – Gary Robble- Sonny – Duane West – Glenn Huggins.
1960′s – Early ’70s
Milo Liggett – Wayne White – Sonny – Jack Galloway – Lonnie Webb – Harland Powell.
Jack Galloway – Gary Timbs were always very popular with audiences & provided great energy to many of Sonny’s performances. Jack is now a full time Minister. Gary is recording in the gospel field.
1970′s & 80′s
Roger Hicks – Jack Hicks.
1970′s & 80′s
Ricky Burch
1970′s & 80′s
ROY BARBEE – Not only was he a key member of the Southern Gentleman but he was Sonny’s business and road manager during the later years of touring. In every situation he found a solution. Close ties with he and family still remain.
1970′s & 80′s
Roy Barbee – Sonny – Virgil True – Dennis White – Kevin Anderson – Michael Cochran.
1970′s & 80′s
Tom Wilkerson a graduate of Texas Tech where he also starred as a great quarterback for the Red Raiders football team. Known as an excellent drummer he also has enjoyed great success as a record producer. A friend of many on music row he remains very active today in the music business. As a Southern Gentleman he added much to Sonny’s band.


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